The Mission Behind Menehune Hale


Growing up on Mariner's Ridge in Hawaii Kai, I remember my big sister asking me, "Did you see the Menehune last night?" Of course I didn't see anything, but at eight years old I was instantly intrigued by this matter-of-fact inquiry.  Our backyard led down to Hahaione Valley, where I knew is where the Menehune lived. 

"They were peeking through my window, and probably yours, too!"  She liked to mess with me, but before I could get to concerned about their intentions she cut in, "Don't worry, they are friendly and happy.  They were probably just going to work, building a heiau or something."

From then on, when the sun went down I alway kept an eye out for Menehune, but never found any.  I loved the idea of a hidden world just beyond the reach of human knowledge. There is something exciting about fantasy beyond the mundaneness of life's routines.

And thus is what spawned Menehune Hale!  I decided to bring to life something everyone in Hawaii knew about growing up, that could put a smile on their face.  Menehune work together to accomplish amazing things no one would ever deem possible for "little people."  This great metaphor drives our mission to Spread Aloha Around the World. 

That is why the Original Menehune Statue is simply the Menehune holding up a shaka, the universal sign of Aloha. By bringing him home, sending them to ohana, and traveling with him we can all do our part.  

It starts with the statue but ultimately I hope Menehune Hale can bring people together and accomplish big things in Hawaii.  Cleaning up beaches and parks, supporting education for the keiki, helping to get people outdoors, and even helping to reopen the natatorium are all things I know we can do.


Some wonder why we named ourself Menehune Hale rather than Hale Menehune (Hawaiian order should be different.) There are a few reasons. We decided that leading with menehune helps define our main character as our brand, and also liked how it flows off the tongue.  Most importantly, the initials MH match those of a close friend from Hahaione Valley who passed away several years back.  Aloha Max!


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