The Story

Legend has it Menehune (Meh-Neh-HOO-Neh) were the original inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands.  As a clever little people with great strength and skills, they’ve been known to accomplish great things overnight while remaining out of sight.  They’ve collaborated to build incredible structures such as He’iau (temples), fish ponds, houses, roads, and canoes.

Lucky for us, one Menehune has bravely emerged with a goal of spreading ALOHA to everyone he meets. With a big smile and a shaka (the universal symbol of aloha) you can’t help but be filled with joy when he is around, and lately he’s been going to a lot of places!

The Original Menehune Statue is the very first generation of Menehune Hale’s collection of hawaiiana.  Display a Menehune in your home and yard and watch him put a smile on the faces of your friends, family and neighbors! In return, he’ll bring a little aloha to your home and your ohana.

Only 999 exist, and only a few hundred remain. Get yours here: Menehune Bundle,  and follow his instagram account @theMenehune

Mahalo nui loa!



Some say their Menehune brings them luck, but at Menehune Hale we like to think he helps provide a watchful eye over your hale and ohana.  Cuz nobody messes with the Menehune!