Who is the Menehune?

The Original Menehune (meh-ney-HOO-ney) Statue is our flagship product. He is one of the mythical, little men known to be the first inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands. They are known to have super strength, only come out at night, and work together to accomplish great feats and build great structures.

Our Original Menehune Statue is a home decor piece that adds extra life to your garden, lawn, desk, home, and even vacations. Each collectible figurine is 13-inches tall, high-quality resin, and hand painted. He holds up a shaka, the universal symbol of Aloha, and can't help but put a smile on the face of everyone he meets. 

There are less than 150 statues left.  The next batch with be half the size (about 6-7 inches tall.)